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You probably never thought that you would ever date someone more than four blocks away from you. But alas! Here you are thousands of miles away from the love of your life.

Maybe you fell in love with a gorgeous Latina woman. Or it could be your long-term beau had to move away for school or work. Whatever circumstances landed you in this relationship do not really matter. What matters is that you are ready to put in the work. And trust me, LDRs are hard work.

How to keep your LDR partner happy
The secret to making a long-distance relationship work is ensuring that both of you are happy. Here are seven ways to do your part by making your partner happy.

1. Make an effort to talk as often as possible
You can never have too many phone calls, texts, emails or video calls in a long-distance relationship. It is this time together that helps you to make up for the separation. Reaching out on a regular basis makes your significant other happy as it is a sign you are thinking of them.

2. Don’t just talk; communicate
The “What are you up to?” and “How was your day?” conversations will get old fast. So, you need to invest not only in regular conversations, but in effective communication as well.

Do not be afraid to be open and honest. And do not forget to be a great listener when it is your partner’s turn to open up. This allows the two of you to get to know each other and prevents monotony in your interactions.

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3. Plan fun dates
Phone calls and Skype sessions are not the only kind of dates you can have in a long-distance relationship. You need to be creative to keep your partner happy and interested. Have a cook-off, watch a movie together, have a virtual tour or whatever else you need to do to make date night fun.

4. Be open about your expectations
Letting your partner know what you want and hope for the relationship is another simple way to get and keep them happy. It allows them to see that you are not in it for fun and that there is a common goal you are working towards. Maybe you plan on getting married. Or you might move in together one day. Share these hopes and dreams, and your relationship will be stronger for it.

5. Learn to love your own company
No one wants a clingy significant other; and yes, it is possible to be clingy even while apart. Enjoying your own company means that you do not have to rely on your partner to keep you entertained or preoccupied. Finding fun things to do on your own allows them the freedom and space they need to handle their own business. This results in a healthier and happier relationship.

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6. Keep it sexy any way you can
If sex and physical intimacy are important to you and your partner, try not to neglect them with distance as your excuse. Talk about it and figure out what you are both comfortable with doing to keep it sexy. It could be anything from flirty sexting to virtual lovemaking.

7. Send gifts and care packages
Show your partner you love them and are thinking of them by sending a gift. There are many options in this case, including delivery companies and dating sites that cater to couples.

For example, offers a gift delivery service that allows you to send presents such as flowers, chocolates, or perfume to your online love interest. You can check the article from Virtual Single Online to see all the features that the app and website offer.

The gift doesn’t even have to be something expensive. You could mail them your shirt or a hand-made trinket for them to remember you by. It is a sweet gesture that they will definitely appreciate.

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