lesbian cougar

A cougar is an older woman who dates a younger man because she is attracted by his boyishness and charm, and the pair decides on mutual terms of the relationship. Lesbian cougar dating is taking it one step further, where the older woman (a lesbian in this case) dates a younger woman (also a lesbian) and they have a hell of a good time while at it.

Lesbian cougars seem to have plenty of takers among the cougar dating population. This is for good reason too. Younger lesbian women want a role model, and what better role model than a successful, confident and high profile older woman who likes the company of younger girls? This is one of the main reasons that lesbian cougar dating has picked up steam over the past few years. If you go to a dating website and put in “cougar lesbian”, as a search, you’ll come across a huge population of them stalking the web for a younger catch.

Has this kind of scenario ever happened to you? Where you are in a room with friends and an older woman enters the frame. Maybe she didn’t notice you because of your Plain Jane features, but you cannot help being attracted to her for some reason, even though you’ve got a few lesbian lovers of your own as well? This is the power of the lesbian cougar, where she’s so confident and sure of herself that all your girlfriends fall in a heap by the roadside compared to her.

What is the right age difference for a lesbian cougar relationship?

Well, there are no hard and fast rules to speak of, but going by statistics and demographics, it ideally should be “double your age minus seven” for the younger lesbian, and “half your age plus seven” for the cougar. I find this formula rather unsteady, because as the age increases, the lesser it matters for the relationship to blossom. So you can take it easy.

Date A Lesbian Cougar

Advantages of dating a lesbian cougar

You might have noticed it that most of your cheerleader friends are usually talking about rather hashed and repetitive stuff like boyfriends, lipstick and nail polish. That’s not all there is to life is it? If you click with a real lesbian cougar, she’ll teach you a lot of things that she learned out of experience, and there’s no better teacher than experience. She’ll introduce you to the “big bad world” and also be protective of you. Many lesbian cougar relationships have terms and conditions, where you agree to be her toy for the night or weekend or whatever, and in return you get an allowance, small gifts from time to time as tokens of appreciation and much more.

Being in bed with a lesbian cougar is a whole new ball game, if I may use the term here. She’ll teach you tricks you never knew, and pleasure you in ways unimaginable. On top of that she might also have a strap on dildo in her closet which calls for more fun. You’ll be escorting her to parties and high-profile social events where her mere presence opens doors and many influential people get to know you through her. Be careful about how you dress and mind your P’s and Q’s. She will not stand for childish behaviour and expect you to act responsibly.

Do not make the mistake of being clingy with a lesbian cougar. While PDA’s are fine, texting and calling her all the time will only sour the relationship and you might be left out in the cold. All in all, a lesbian cougar is definitely worth it and savour each moment you spend with her.