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Singles ukraineA very big quantity of men is willing nowadays to link their lives with woman who is much younger than they are. Having a young wife is almost same thing, as having a house in a the best area of the city, it is same prestigious. The older the man is, than the younger woman he will be looking for. This way a fifty five years old man is always dreaming about a twenty five years old beauty. A lot of men who are elder than forty (and even fifty) years old, are willing to have children in their new marriage, this way they limit their search of the woman with the age not elder than thirty years old. While the young man who are from thirty to thirty five do not pay a lot of attention to their age, and they are up to the fact that their fiancée might be five years elder than they are, though Russian ladies usually do not wish getting married with a man who is five years younger than they are.

American men really believe in the old fairy tale that each young woman from Russia is dreaming about a man who is twice (if not more elder than she is) in order to get married and create a family with. Well first of all it is a very silly thing to believe into, and second of all they need to get down to the Earth and realize that any young girl would never marry them only because of some feelings, there is always a reason behind this kind of marriage, and it is always a material reason.

And the bad thing is that this man always gets the idea in the agency that he is doing the right thing and very soon he will find his eternal happiness, and be with that one and only person he will finally find for himself. The best thing for such a “dreamer” would be explaining to him the issues the way they are, like for example the fact that eventually after living the full life, this man has learned how to earn money, and the bigger is their amount on his bank account, the more he is appreciating those money. So this way it is very easy for him to realize that everything has its own payment, he is “investing” a lot of money into the woman who is thirty years younger than he is, and she is paying him back, by being by his side, and “pretending” that he is the love of her life.


Also it is very profitable for the matchmaking agencies, to continue feeding the “illusions” of such a man, as the more he will look for the ideal woman, the more they will earn on his behalf, yes it is not very fair, but that is life.

Eventually girls who are looking for real romance and love of their life, will never be with a person who is much older than they are, this way, when they see the attention coming from such a man, though in their profile it is listed the age range they are looking for, they realize that they can use such a man, in their own interests, and it is hard to blame them for it.

I think men are the ones who should think very carefully before starting any process, and eventually it is ok looking for a woman ten or the most fifteen years younger, but if more, that there is a big chance that this woman is simply using you. Unfortunately there are not that many young girls who turn down this kind of “dreamers”, as a result after a few not successful relationships, or communications leading to nowhere, this kind of man usually gets disappointed in all the matchmaking thing, which is very wrong, because for a variety of women who are elder than thirty five years old, and are not hoping anymore to meet the man with who to spend the entire life, this disappointed man could become the last chance, and eventually they would make him the happiest man ever.