rusinbiutyBeautiful Russian women have always been praised in literature and such praise is well-deserved. Russian ladies indeed make perfect wives and devoted mothers. But what features make them liked this? Honesty, loyalty, desire to make everything possible to save the family from falling apart – are just a couple of them.

Russian women come from families, where the man has a leading role and woman is his right hand. Such family structure has existed in Russia for many decades and it is not about to change. Therefore, when Russian women make up their mind to form a family and get married, they know in advance that they will have a second role in the house. Moreover, they are ok with that as they think that the man has to have a leading role.

In comparison to western women, who are cold, emancipated and focused on making a career, Russian woman are fragile, warm and family-oriented. While western women don’t allow their men to feel themselves breadwinners and decision makers, Russian women will be ready to comply. Moreover, it frequently happens that they consider man the breadwinner, even if they earn more than their husbands.

It’s not a secret that Russian women are very thrifty. They can cook amazingly tasty stuff without wasting a lot of money. Food as well as other commodities is quite expensive in Russia and in all the former soviet countries that is why girls are being taught from the childhood to make decent and healthy dishes out of modest number of products.


Because of that you will eat only tasty and healthy food, if you decide to marry as Russian woman. Besides, Russian women are very skillful housewives, they will be happy to do the chores about the house and will not ask you to hire a housewife or to help them. Nevertheless, your help in daily chores will be welcomed.

Russian ladies adapt very quickly to the environment, therefore you won’t be having a trouble of forcing her to learn the language or to go shopping. She will gladly do it herself. Besides, Russian women are very smart and most of them even have higher education. Although greater part of the people in Russia doesn’t speak English – it will not be a problem for your Russian wife to quickly learn it.

Russian women are very loyal and they hate being lied to. They strongly respect family ties and will make everything possible to keep the marriage from falling apart. With Russian wife you can be confident that you will not be cheated on. She will make everything possible to make you look good in the eyes of youк friends and colleagues.

Russian women also make perfect mothers and if you’re planning on having children – you will not be able to find a woman, more suitable for this role. She will be thoughtful, patient and attentive. Generally speaking, if you prefer conventional type of marriage, where you will be the leader of the family – Russian woman is the one you need.