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Hello! My name is Anita, and I want to share my joy! I found my happiness thanks to your site! I did not even expect that this could happen to me. I was registered on the site for a year, and only after this period we got acquainted. As it turned out later, my current spouse needed only a week to find me! He wrote to me first, sent me some questions, to which I answered rather quickly.

We went through the whole procedure of acquaintance, after which he asked for my phone number. We met a couple of days later. He immediately liked me, I felt the warmth, comfort in communicating with him. Later I realized how important the first messages were, where we had the possibility to knew each other, the character, habits and smth else.

A year later from our acquaintance, we got married, and now we are happy! And all thanks to your website. I wish all your lonely subscribers to find their love!

On the website there are a lot of helpful tips that will help all users, particularly men, to organize the date properly.

That’s why to meet Asian woman and create strong and happy family is more than possible. We would like to share with men the most important tips for their success.

Invite the girl for the first date, not expecting something special, and just be yourself, do not try to impersonate someone you are not. After the first date, ask yourself, did you like that communication, do you want to continue it? If not, then this person is “not yours,” and next time you will call for coffee or movie some else.

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And if you liked the conversation, you can take the next step – go together somewhere and get to know each other a little better. If you are trying to imagine in advance on the first date, the ideal life with girl, then this is the right way to be mistaken and disappointed both in this girl, and maybe in relationships in general. Trying to calculate the future development of relations on the first date, we become like that girl from an old joke, which the guy just invited to dance, and she already comes up with a name for their third child.

Does it make sense to waste energy and time on such fantasies? I think not, because in this case, instead of building a relationship with a real person and recognizing him as he is, we simply interact in our head with the image of this person, which we ourselves invented. Of course, such a picture crumbles at the first contact with reality, causing us a strong disappointment.

In today’s world, much of what was right before becomes irrelevant now. Many girls no longer expect to receive an invitation to a date in the form: “Will you go out with me on a date?” And they do not expect that they will be offered to meet with an official tone like “I like you. Will you meet with me? “The experience of modern youth shows that friendly meetings smoothly flow into meetings on weekends or in longer relations. Now, we treat rendezvous as to ordinary everyday affairs and do not consider this as an act of romanticism. You can invite a girl to spend time with you in the park and find out in one day that you will not be able to meet again and your separation will not be a tragedy.

A date should be considered from the point of view not of what you get, but of what you can give. After all, giving is always more pleasant than receiving, especially if you like the person to whom your actions are addressed. Always offer what you can, so that the girl can choose. Do not wait until the girl starts to think instead of you, because the initiator of the meeting is still you.