hottest girls from RussiaAsk any foreigner about Russia and the first thing he’d say will be “it is a very big and cold country”. Yes, a large part of Russia has rather severe climate and yes, Russia is big indeed.

There are more than one hundred various nations and ethnic groups living in Russia and each of them is special and unique. There are Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and people of other confessions so we are sure – it will be an easy thing for you to find an ideal wife in Russia.

European Russians

Of course, the majority of population consists of ethnic Russians. These women look quite similar to girls from other Eastern Europe countries like Belarus, Poland and Ukraine. A typical Russian princess has dark blond hair, blue or green eyes and light skin. At least such an image is popular among Western men.

For the majority of foreigners an ethnically Russian girl would be the best option. Such a lady has typical European mentality and shares Western lifestyle and values.

Russian Muslims

There are many Muslim republics in Russia and some foreigners are interested in finding, for example, a wife from an exotic region. However we would recommend you to pay more attention to women from Bashkiria and Tatarstan – those two regions have mixed population consisting of Russians, Baskirs and Tatars. The Muslims living there are “russified” – they preserved their unique culture but due to Russian influence became much more open and less suspicious to others. Here you can find a hot and attractive swarthy-faced girl who perfectly speaks several languages and is eager to find a foreign partner.

Dancing beautiful lady

Incredible variety

Sometimes men who have money and time take a trip around Russia. They want to cover as much of its territory as possible and see as many people as they can. After such a travel foreigners return home astonished – they have never thought that Russia consists of such different people. And the funniest thing is that all women living in Russia are incredibly beautiful regardless of their nationality!

Calm down, my friend, we are not going to make you travel around Russia. Finally, it’s quite difficult to find several weeks for such a thing and there is no sense in going there for shorter.

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