As women of every nation Russian women have their fears. If you are in a relationship with a Russian woman, you need to be aware of her possible fears and how to deal with them and support your beloved.

Russian women are very tolerant about their men, but still have fears. They are afraid to be abandoned one day. This is caused by the big amount of beautiful women in Russia and Russian men, who cannot control themselves in many cases. Moreover, according to statistics there are only eight men for ten Russian women, so the percent of temptation grows. That is why never forget telling your Russian lady how deep your love is and how precious she is for you. Show her being special with signs of attention and affection, romantic dinners, flowers, surprises and gifts. Make her feel needed and wanted, especially when she needs this. Learn to feel your Russian woman and you will get the same care and love back in doubled measure.

Russian women are afraid that their men will have a lover. The reasons are described above. What to do? The same things as described above plus never hide from her where you go and when you will be back. Be open, honest and loyal with your Russian lady.

Russian woman is afraid her man can become a heavy drinker. If you don’t drink or always know limits, then this fear won’t visit the head of your Russian beloved, but if there are cases that repeat, try to control yourself, otherwise you risk losing your life-time partner. Alcoholism is a very spread phenomenon in Russia that doesn’t bring to as successful family life.

Russian women are also afraid of a man not working and depending on them. This is explainable as some Russian men practice doing nothing relying on their wives, but still dominate women. If you have a normal job and you are working for the benefit of your family, then you don’t have reasons to worry.