Cougar tendency has ‘invaded’ the United States of America. Women over 35 years, who are looking for younger men to snag for the night, are not a rare occurrence on the territory of the USA. These women wear sexy tight clothes, much make up and ‘hunt’ for younger men in the crowd. While mostly bars, pubs and night clubs are their natural habit, one can follow a great number of US cougars in the celebrity environment. Below you will see the list of most legendary US cougars.
Kim Cattrall, with her role of cougar Samantha in Sex and the City, looks for satisfaction from younger men in real life too. At the present moment Kim Cattrall is dating a 28-year-old Canadian chef.

Halle Berry has mauled Gabriel Aubury, a young model, who is 10 year younger than her.

Susan Sarandon represents one of the most legendary cougars, whose sexual preferences where audience’s attraction for years. Her first younger partner was Franco Amurri, who was 12 years younger than Susan. The next younger man was Tim Robbins, they have two children and are still together. He is in his late 40s and she is 61.

Joan Lunden amazed the audience with her cougar behavior. At the age of 50, she married a man 10 years younger than her and even decided to have kids. After no results the natural way, she had twins from the surrogate mother. Several years after their family grew with another pair of twins from the same woman.

Madonna is a serious famous US cougar. Over the years she managed to collect a great number of younger men. These include, the father of her daughter, her fitness trainer, Carlos Leon, who is 8 years younger. Before settling down with Guy Ritchie, who is 10 years younger, Madonna was dating with David Blaine, 14 years younger than her. Another junior ‘prey’ was A-Rod, 16 years younger. It is rumored that Madonna will never stop her hunt.

One of the brightest legendary cougars, who is heading all the US legendary cougar lists, is Demi Moore. Their couple with Ashton Kutcher, who is 15 year junior, got permanent paparazzi attention.