dating-russian-womenOk, let’s assume that you’ve never had an experience of dating a Russian girl, but now due to some crazy luck have a chance of doing it. And you’re still contemplating if it’s a good idea or not (you’re probably deaf and blind since you’ve never heard of or seen Russian ladies to even think about turning them down, otherwise there’d be no qualms and hesitations about the issue).

Let’s hear about the “pro” arguments of such acquaintance:

  1. Cream of the crop among beauties. Be prepared to see men turning their heads at your woman. Those beauties are what they call “drop-dead gorgeous”. There are many beautiful women out there, but the type of “Slavic beauty” sure beats ‘em all. And the diversity too. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, tall and petites, lean and curvy. Every possible combination of feminine traits is present among Russian ladies. It’s a women lover paradise!
  2. Romantic, gentle, feminine. In our times of emancipation, a Russian girl is not afraid to remain who they truly are – a woman, first and foremost. They are keen to feel protected; ready to be submissive to their man (in a good meaning of the word, of course). The words “weaker sex” immediately come to mind (except that the Russian girls are not weak, but that’s really not the point now). And they do love themselves some romance .
  3. They care a lot. You can be sure that they are concerned with what you’re selling and won’t stay aside. The empathy is present and it is genuine. They are unafraid to have their own point of view and be THAT stubborn, though.
  4. Family oriented. Not to say that there is a cult of family in Russia, but something close to that. For a girl to become a pride means that she’s in demand and relevant and that’s half way to success. The measure of which for many young Russian women is the family life. Sometimes it feels that all of them are made for that. Although lately, some of them turn to a more westernized companionship model of relations, but that’s not the indicative.
  5. Skilled and able. Regardless of how manly that may sound, Russian women are your jacks of all trades. Each and every aspect of housekeeping – check. Cooking those little delicious cuisine masterpieces now and then – check. Nursing kinds (and a husband too, sometimes) – check. And they still got time to spend on themselves to keep looking stunningly too! It would be easier to name the kind of activities that Russian girls are not good at.
  6. Modest and humble. It’s not something that is called “being unambitious”. Rather, that’s just being not used to expect too much too soon and being ok with letting it play out itself. But at the same time they know their real worth perfectly well and won’t allow to get fooled or lowballed.
  7. Supportive and respectful. As mentioned before, Russian women in general are content with staying behind their man. The roots of this are probably hidden in the upbringing, which sees woman in a more of a supportive role. Which they deliver in full. A bride from Russia will be as dedicated a companion and mate as one can get.
  8. Good, smart sense of humor. They are generally smart. So say what you will but Russian chicks have a wicked sense of humor. They instantly get involved into a joke or a fun conversation.KAZAN MARRIAGE AGENCY girl

Not to say that there are no “contras” of meeting girls from Russia, of course, but…for the sake of it, we wouldn’t want to speak about that just because the women are THAT good.

If those points are not enough and just won’t cut it for you – sorry, you’re probably in the wrong category of men and should drop the idea altogether.