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What to expect from a Cameroon woman

You would probably think that people from Africa mainly speak their own language not bothering learning any foreign one. It’s a common misconception that has to be proven wrong! According to statistics, about 60% of Cameroonian women do speak English, about 15% speak French and 11% speak both languages. Actually, very few people know this, but English is the 2nd official language in Cameroon. It basically means that you can meet thousands of beautiful Cameroon women speaking your language! Well, unless you’re Russian.

Most of the Cameroonian women would not like to date a man from their country. They find black men quite irresponsible, uncommitted and not future-oriented. Basically, they don’t think that they can build a strong family with a Cameroonian man because they’re too light-headed. For example, he might court her for a few weeks and then suddenly find a second girlfriend. He won’t even bother to break up with his 1st woman, just enjoying the full set until get caught. He might give her beautiful presents, but in the time of need he just goes to a casino and gamble all the money. Cameroonian girls can never be sure of their black men, that’s why they prefer to find someone more stable and reliable.

There’re obviously much more single Cameroon women than men, so there’s something to choose from! It’s also clear that a white man status in Africa is over the roof, so he basically might pick up any woman he likes. There’re 3 big cities where you should hunt: Bamenda, Douala and Yaounde. Since Cameroon isn’t the most developed country, other cities and villages are probably don’t have so many people speaking English and certainly don’t have such modern infrastructure as big cities.

Cameroonian girls are the best party makers ever! They sing and dance beautifully, they have amazing sense of humor and their loud laughter can lighter up even the most pessimistic mood. Just attend one of their parties and you’ll want to stay in Cameroon forever!

black women from Cameroon

How to impress her?

At the 1st date you need to leave a good impression so that it won’t be the last one. It’s not a difficult task to do as black women from Cameroon aren’t so spoiled. You just need to remember three words: Batu, Kirdi and Highland tribes. As soon as you ask her what tribe she belongs to (these are the largest ones), her heart is almost yours. Most men coming to Cameroon don’t bother educating themselves about the country’s traditions and society so they literally don’t know anything about black women. If you show some interest, it would be much appreciated by the whole local society.

Take her to the restaurant, beach, club, any place for entertainment and pay the bill. Any woman likes decent courting, so show your gentleman side. Another benefit of going to the beach, besides seeing your woman’s curves, is seeing lots of other beautiful women! Just look at Cameroon women pictures on those dating sites there’re so many. And the best you can do is just go to the beach and see it for a black girl.

Guys that women won’t date in Cameroon

The first interesting point is about appearance. Women in Cameroon try to avoid men wearing dreadlocks. There’s a stereotype that most of these men are engaged in drug taking or selling, or just have whatever to do with the drugs industry. It might sound ridiculous, but it’s the reality of Cameroon society. Even women living in Western works are kind of alarmed when approached by the guy wearing dreadlocks. They find such men unfocused, unreliable and uncommitted for some reason. So before you get a haircut, it’s highly unlikely that you could meet and date a black girl.

Even though this stereotype might seem really odd, in reality it has a profound source. Taking weed often means addiction, just like overeating, alcohol taking, gaming and so on. Any addiction is potentially troublesome, You can’t rely on that person, you can’t trust him and there’s no point in any relationship with an addict. However, there’re people who still take weed and run their business with no problem. Black women would work with such a person as a partner, but dating with such is a no-no.

Rude men are also not so popular in Cameroon. By rudeness we mean racist statements and compering her to white women. Such phrases as “You’re pretty for a black woman” you should forget forever if you ever want to date a woman of color. After that shady compliment she most probably will slap your face and block in every social network she’s got. Compliment her beauty just because she’s really pretty, regardless of her skin color. Ask questions about her culture, language, traditions etc. Just be yourself and be involved in these relationships, and you’ll get a wife of your dream.

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