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Personally, I never believed that online dating services were actually very effective. Imagine someone says you that online dating with a girl can replace the real one, even if when it comes to distances and language differences. But afterward, you dive deeper into that new innovational way of online building family and actually find it useful. I am the one who didn’t want to even hear about that and always had a desire to meet my half in real life. Unfortunately, I didn’t succeed and had to listen to my friends and made my personal account on one of the most trusted online dating services Later on, I found out about the scammers and then experienced that by myself when I had a weird woman who sent me a few messages. However, legitimate Russian dating sites are the ones that actually help to avoid scammers and secure personal information. When I was a member of one of such websites I found lots of useful articles about scammers and how to understand that the person you communicate with was such one.

So the things you should pay attention at are:

  • Spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • The speed of conversation.
  • The woman’s desire to have a video
  • The questions she asks you all the time.
  • Her desire to ask the basic questions and facts about her you may ask.
  • The information she has on her own profile, as well as trust level.

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Also, when I became a member of legitimate online dating service where I was able to find my future wife from Russia, I was happy to be offered the next features:

  • Professional translating. Whilst communicating with real single ladies from Russia I didn’t manage to have a proper conversation until I found out about professional translating that is included as a helpful online dating service feature. Even there were some culture and, of course, language differences due to the good work of translator I managed to have proper conversations with my lady. That fact also proved that she wasn’t a scammer.
  • Whenever I sent pictures or videos to my lady from Russia using live chat, they were all saved on the huge storage of dating service. Also, there is an opportunity to send different videos that are secured on the storage space as well. No matter what you send, it will never be revealed to other users or provided to another online dating website.
  • If you are the one who loves online chats you should definitely try these ones. Online chat gave me the opportunity to exchange messages with women from Russia online. The second one which is called video chat is also when very effective when it comes to checking if the person you chat with is a scammer or not. For making it possible to connect through webcam online conversation I had to find a pair of headphones, microphone, high-quality web camera, set up my computer and check Internet connection.
  • Having online support provides the members lots of abilities such as solving different problems and issues that can appear while dating online on Also, it is useful when you find a scammer and want to report her account. When I had to send a letter to the website support I just had to describe my problem and write my personal e-mail address.
  • Light design with minimum details makes online dating service very pleasant to eyes. It always loads very quickly and the basic organization of service features, in my opinion, is at a high level.

With the help of legitimate Russian dating website I had the opportunity to date online with real people and managed to find a perfect wife.